We are a remote boutique agency with Danish roots that work with brands and organizations to create bold, impactful and unique campaigns that make people



Award Winning Creatives

The GORILLA AGENCY team comprises of internationally recognized award winning creatives that have more than 100+ awards, honors and nominations at 20+ award programs globally. While winning awards and being recognized by our peers is always humbling, our agency focuses on creating ideas and campaigns that have real world impact and change.

Awards & Honors

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Profit Meets Purpose

Creativity can change the world. We want to bridge the gap between profit and purpose, and help facilitate a positive change through advertising and cause marketing. We work with brands and organisations that want to facilitate change. Those that aren't afraid of using their voice and having tough conversations. We are on the forefront of social good, and our campaigns have questioned the status quo, challenged politicians, and have ultimately changed laws. Through our work we fight for minority rights, women's rights, human rights, LGBTQIA+ rights and BlackLivesMatter. We also fight against wealth inequality, poverty, and climate change. Our company was founded on the principle that creating positive change can make a profit.

Our Services

GORILLA AGENCY is an ambitious boutique agency with a big heart and a global network. This gives us the opportunity to create, plan and execute even the most complex campaigns for our clients locally or globally. See our services here:


We are specialized in creating and executing unique, bold campaigns that move audiences. In fact, our campaigns have reached billions of people. Whether your goal is to change a local law or to launch a new product globally, we are able to assist from ideation stage to execution and every step along the way.

Social Good

Brands are no longer just brands, they have voices, they have personalities, values and concerns. Customers are keen to align their spend with brands that they see as having similar values, and that best represent them. Whether the question is using social good as a marketing tool, or to fulfil CSR goals, we can help you build trust, improve engagement, increase exposure and give your customers and employees a sense of purpose.

Video Production

No medium is quite like film when it comes to connecting with your customers. Online video consumption shows no sign of slowing down. On average customers are watch 1-2 hours of videos online daily. Our award winning team of producers and filmmakers are passionate about video and we have made hundreds of commercials from small mobile productions for social media, to massive multinational commercials.

Viral Videos

Video is powerful, but viral video can be a game changer. We speak with clients across the spectrum that are keen to "go viral" many don't quite understand the risks involved, as well as the volatile nature of creating and distributing these sorts of videos. At Gorilla Agency, we are equipped to help brands and organizations navigate and to streamline their teams to handle the extreme push that comes from a video going viral.

Social Media

Content for social media should be customized for each platform, this is key to unlocking the potential of social. Our team has worked directly with the world's leading social media platforms to create content that simply works. We always think mobile-first, and we are always up-to-date on trends and new consumer behavior.

Digital Media

Digital media provides our clients with the ability to not only reach their marketing KPIs but also to track ROI in real-time. Through our talented local partners, we have the opportunity to provide our clients with the absolute best in digital media. We are experts in TikTok, LinkedIn, Google ads, and Facebook campaigns.

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Our creatives have worked together with hundreds of brands and organisations. Below is a selected list of clients references (full list available upon request).

"The Gorilla creatives made us a powerful film that conveys our message both effectively and simply. It has great value for us that the film went viral"

Lisa Holmfjord / Danish Women's Society

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